Minister For Human Rights

Mr. Kamran Michael

                   Senator Kamran Michael is young energetic and visionary Leader in Pakistan. His political mentor was none other but his father Mr. M.L. Michael who had been a veteran politician in the country’s history. His father had a distinguished honor to be elected, not less than seven times, a councilor of Lahore Metropolitan Corporation. So he got political conformity in his blood and genes. While student, he took part in debates, speech contests, sports festivals and always achieved a distinction which was meant that nature had declared him a future leader of the nation. 
Political Career
                   He trended in to arena of politics, at gross root level and in 2001 he made his professional stage debut getting elected as Councilor. Same year, he participated in districts’ election and elected as Member of Lahore District Council. For next one and half year, he remained Member of District Assembly. Mr. Kamran Michael was Member of Pakistan Muslim League (N) and it was toughest time for the party as country was facing a dictator, but very gallantly he fought against the dictatorial regime, living at opposition benches of District Assembly. In general elections of 2002, while the leadership of PML-N facing exile, he stood firmly with the party and exploring his emerging talent party selected him member of Provincial Assembly. For next five years he hold the same incumbency. During these five years, he served the masses & worked for upliftment of the folks of the country. Although he sat on opposition benches, but his political dexterity and charisma was loudly being spoken every where. In next general elections of country, held in 2008, the leadership not only chosen him as a member of Provincial Assembly, but to extract more benefit from this towering political genius, he was assigned the portfolio of four important Ministries in Punjab namely, Ministry of Human Rights, Ministry of Minority Affairs, Ministry of Social Welfare and Ministry of Women Rights. In 2010, party leadership decided to take more benefit from his capabilities and vested upon him the portfolio of the most important Ministry that was Ministry of Finance. He presented next two budgets in the Assembly. During his incumbency, he introduced many new reforms in the society i.e. quota for minorities was raised from 3 to 5 percent.
                   In 2012, Senate Elections (upper house) was announced, and Leader of PML-N Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif decided to introduce this emerging talent in Senate of Pakistan, so he was selected as Senator. He was first ever Christian Senator in the history of Pakistan, as he has been first ever Christian, who was assigned the portfolio & this time, party leadership decided to assign him portfolio of Ministry of Ports and Shipping.
                   Presently he is Minister for Human Rights, Islamabad (Since 22.05.2016).