Vision Mission

Located in the heart of Asia, Pakistan is an ideal destination for ICT investment of following reasons:

  • 6th most populous country with a population of over 200 million with a growing middle class (18th largest middle class in the world)
  • Over 60% population is young and below and age of 30
  • Third largest English speaking population in the world
  • Up to 70%saving on annual OPEX when compared with North America and Europe
  • Fast  broadband growth (from 3% to19% broadband penetration over a period of 2 years only)
  • 71% Teledensity
  • Four major global operators have been operating in pakistan for more than a decade
  • Telecom industry annual turnover: over 4.5 Billion Dollars
  • IT export exceeding USD $2.3 Billion Dollars a year
  • Ranked 4th by elance(now up work) in freelancing
  • Rising economic indicators from Moody’s, S&P, World bank
  • Recent  upgrade to emerging market status  by MSCI (Morgan Stanley capital international)

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